Climate Justice as Climate Realism

An interesting video, filmed alone in a room in California

A while ago, John Foran from UC Santa Barbara’s Environmental Humanities Initiative  invited me to participate in an online conference called  ACTIVISTS, ARTISTS, AND ACADEMICS: BUILDING JUST CLIMATE FUTURES TOGETHER.

I did so with a contribution called “Climate Justice as Climate Realism,” which is part of a panel called “The Global Climate Justice Movement in the Age of Crisis.  (Scroll to the bottom of this “Panel 2” page).  The others that spoke to this subject included John Foran, Nathan Thanki, Emily Williams, Patrick Bond, Pallav Das, Brad Hornick, and a group of three folks from The Climate Mobilization discussing New York magazine’s The Uninhabitable Earth. Which, as it happens, I also had something to say about.

This is “nearly carbon-neutral” conference which is conducted entirely online.  The format has its charms, not the least of which is that it could be international without involving air-travel.  But I must confess that I missed the usual drinks party.  You know, actually meeting people and talking.  In the flesh.

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