Stop Climate Chaos Manifesto

We’ve got a lot going on here in the US, but somehow we don’t quite have anything like the Stop Climate Chaos coalition. If you don’t believe it, take a look at the SCC policy platform, which you can find here. Not only has this huge coalition — which includes development and ecumenical groups as well as self-identified greens — committed itself to fighting to keep total warming below the 2C line (total surface warming, since pre-industrial times), it also draws conclusions. Like that, for example, if we’re to hold the 2C line, global emissions must peak within 10 years. And that

“Given that the industrialized countries bear historical responsibility for climate change and that the rest of the world lacks access to the resources needed to build low carbon economies, it is essential that the former begin now to provide the necessary financial and technical resources to help rapidly industrialising countries commence mitigation strategies.”

And there’s more, like this bit:

“Given historical and current emissions patterns it would be inequitable to seek to dictate to the poorest people that they should not use carbon-based energy sources, as their energy consumption (and thus greenhouse gas emissions) is very low to begin with and their development needs are the most pressing. This means that the developed world must massively increase assistance to enable all developing countries to move to a clean energy path.”

Yeah, you knew that already. But how long has it been since you said it

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