Washing machines as doorways to wisdom

The word “inequality” has, for far too long, been taken as code for “poverty.”   It’s time to take it as well as code for “wealth.”   And what is wealth?  When does a person or community qualify as part of the global economic elite?  What is a luxury, and who decides?  Lots of questions here, and they couldn’t be more topical.

Enter Hans Rosling, who has with his gapminder project emerged as one of our very best guides to the statistical complexity of this, our civilization at the edge.   You could easily, and productively, spend a day studying the ins and outs of his fabulous presentations, and learning how to do your own with gapminder desktop.   But of course you’re too busy, so why don’t you instead invest nine minutes watching this brilliant video, from a talk Hans recently gave at TED Women.

Serious.  Just do it.  Right now.

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