Resource scarcity, fair shares and development

This excellent “discussion paper” was written by Alex Evans for the World Wildlife Fund and Oxfam, which deserve loads of kudos for supporting it.  And, more generally, for thinking big.  The tone of the post-Copenhagen debate, after all, is a rather defeated one, and most climate folks are searching around for one kind of climate pragmatism or another.  Grand thinking about equity, and about its role in rising to the coming crisis, is rare indeed.

Evans is a long time member of what, for lack of a better term, I will call the fair-shares party, and he knows his way around.  Accordingly, Resource scarcity, fair shares, and development covers a lot of ground.  And it does so in a brief and well-organized way.  Skip the graphics and it’s only 17 pages long.  You should absolutely read it, and while you’re trying to find the time, let me make only two comments:

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