The North-South divide, equity and development

The What Next Forum in Sweden has just published a nice, up-to-date overview of the Greenhouse Development Rights effort-sharing  framework. Many thanks to Niclas Hällström for pushing the GDRs team to put it together. Weighing in at about ten thousand words, The North-South divide, equity and development – The need for trust-building for emergency mobilization is now the best single introduction and overview of GDRs around, and we’re very glad to have it.

We’re particularly glad because this essay contains an extended discussion of how GDRs – as an “equity reference framework” – could help us navigate a trust- and momentum-building transition to the high-ambition mobilization that we so desperately need.

By the way, this new GDRs overview is part of a book-length collection of rare relevance called What Next Volume III: Climate, Development and Equity.  Take a good look at the Table of Contents page.  There’s lots of excellent stuff here.  In particular, Kevin Anderson’s Climate change: going beyond dangerous — Brutal numbers and tenuous hope is absolutely required reading.  And Dale Wen’s piece on China — China and climate change — Spin, facts, and realpolitik — is excellent.  If you still have Mark Lynas’ supremely unhelpful post-Copenhagen screed — “How do I know China wrecked the Copenhagen deal?  I was in the room” — floating around in your head, Dale’s piece will help you to purge it for good.  And Matthew Stilwell’s Climate finance – How much is needed?, which is extremely useful.  And don’t miss A global programme to tackle energy access and climate change, by Tariq Bauri and Niclas Hällström.  This is a key piece of the puzzle.

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