Climate Change Will Cause Food Prices To Soar

I’ve noticed that when people draft their “scare the shit out of you” summary paragraph — the one that, it seems, we’ll be reworking for the rest of our lives — they often forget food prices, which will be rising fast and soon.   This is unfortunate, in all sorts of ways.  Human suffering, for one.  Game changing political movements, for another.

Anyway, Oxfam is taking the lead on this front, and its work deserves a great deal more attention that it’s received.  Start with Extreme Weather, Extreme Prices: The costs of feeding a warming world, which was published last September.  Joe Romm wrote a nice summary here.

For a bit more historical context, don’t forget Brecht and Weill’s Three Penny Opera, wherein we get this little bit of advice: However much you twist, whatever lies you tell, food is the first thing, morals follow on.”  (Click to listen to a fantastic version!  Listen to it loud!).  

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