Ecomodernism, the Breakthrough Institute version

Clive Hamilton, the free-thinking Australian green critic who gave us Requiem for a Species, has just published a finely tuned takedown of the Breakthrough Institute’s so-called “Ecomodernist Manifesto.”  He, or perhaps his editor at the Earth Island Journal, called it The Technofix is In.  It’s a perfectly appropriate, though mild, title.

It’s a must read, and a model of restraint.  I will say that, had I written it, it would contain some examples of the bad news environmentalism that makes it so easy for the Breakthrough Boys to get away with this kind of thing.  But Hamilton’s reframe is excellent, and not to be missed.  It helps clear the way for the, well, “left ecomodernism” we need, the one in which technology is given its proper due, but only its proper due.

Assessing the National Pledges – the state of the debate

Version 3.2 of April 10, 2015

This is only a quick overview to the current range of INDC tracking and assessment initiatives, which is to say, initiatives that are designed to help us make sense of the national pledges of climate action. Its focus is on the emerging art of equity assessment. In other words, what countries are doing, or proposing to do, their fair shares? Which countries are doing more than others? How do you even think about such comparisons when countries are at different levels of development?

Also, this is not intended to be comprehensive. But if I’ve left out something that you think should be here — something useful — please let me know. Remember, the focus here is and will remain on pledge assessment projects, frameworks and systems. Also, please tell me if I got anything wrong, or if you otherwise have a bone to pick with anything here.  Continue reading “Assessing the National Pledges – the state of the debate”